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"MR&A brought energy, experience and structure to help us address the challenge of processes with slow velocity and high cost. They provided the unique capability to help our organization develop optimized business processes by addressing the integration of people, process, data and technology considerations."

Director, Business Processes

What We Do

Our approach is centered on the integration of people, process and technology, ensuring that you realize the full value of your technology and your people. We mix and match our practice areas to best meet your needs and change initiatives. Together, we will create a plan that ensures a fun, challenging experience and delivers amazing returns – greater and more sustainable than you ever thought possible.


We invest time up front to get to know you and the change you are driving.

With a detailed plan, we lay out the roadmap to success for your initiative.

We are passionate about execution and getting you to your finish line. 

Organizational Strategy: Your people are your greatest assets, and our expertise in organizational design and strategic facilitation will ensure you have a strategy and an organization that is aligned with your mission and fits with your growth agenda. In this phase, we will help you define or refine your mission, vision and values. We believe having a true north is essential for guiding your decisions and priorities going forward. 


Facilitation and Strategic Planning: Whatever problem you are solving, our interactive facilitation techniques will quickly engage your team in brainstorming and focusing in on the right strategy and realistic action plans. 


Process Transformation:  We will get you from your “As Is” to your “To Be” through interactive workshops, detailed documentation, and a game plan for you to lead.


Project Leadership: With our strong background in global technology deployments, acquisition integration, and Supply Chain and HR process transformation, we will partner with you to build a rockstar plan and successfully guide your project from start to finish.


Change Management and Communications Planning: You need to talk the talk, while you walk the walk.  We will develop the right communication plan and materials and a change management strategy to ensure that your change initiative is a success today and for years to come.


Leadership Coaching and Team Development: Our greatest success is in your success! We love to focus on the growth of leaders and their teams, ensuring they have a robust operating rhythm, clearly defined roles and responsibilities, and a roadmap for individual and team growth and development 


Affinity Networks and Special Initiatives: We believe in the power of communities and bringing your full self to work. We can you help build affinity networks and lead special initiatives that help you create the culture you dream of.

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