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Our Results

"MR&A was exactly the catalyst our board needed to focus our discussions and create defined action plans. Their professionalism, objectivity and energy set the tone for the day, and the process they facilitated effectively advanced our objectives."

Board Member

Non-Profit Board Retreat and Operating Plan



Local board of prominent national non-profit sought an approach to create clarity of purpose, set priorities and strengthen messaging in the community



A fun, fast paced session that was motivating and engaging for the board members:

  • Assimilated the new board president and board members

  • Provided an approach for setting priorities and speaking with one voice

  • Ensured follow-up actions are in place to execute on commitments



  • Board members have a deeper understanding and appreciation for one another and left the session feeling heard, aligned and clear

  • Message points were developed for board members to speak proactively and positively about the organization’s mission and positive contributions

  • A high level plan is in place to strengthen performance in the critical areas of fund raising and volunteerism

  • A preliminary dashboard is under development and will be adopted for monitoring progress.

  • We are in our third year of of supporting their annual planning process.


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