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  • Human Resourses

  • Organizational Effectiveness

  • Leadership & Organizational Development

  • Process Design & Optimization

  • Supply Chain Operations



  • Family & Friends

  • Community

  • Golf

  • Fitness

  • Great food and fine wine


Listening to:

  • Pretty much anything country

  • Bastille Radio on Pandora

If you sat next to Meg for about 10 minutes, we guarantee you would come away knowing that she's fun, there isn't much she can't do or won't try, and that she is indefatigable. You would also get a sense of how deeply she loves what she does—what she describes as connecting the dots... integrating people, process and technology to deliver real business value. The secret to her success is that she possesses a compassionate nature and clarity of vision: Meg wants to see you get from A to B, but more importantly, that you get there with an economy of effort, with as little anxiety as possible and while having fun along the way.  


Meg has a reputation for coalescing high performance teams, developing successful leaders, and creating powerful alignment and partnerships. 

"It is impossible to have a great life without having a meaningful life."

Jim Collins

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