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Industry Leading Building Materials Manufacturer 



National building materials manufacturer wanted to strengthen their customer service team and optimize their customer service processes to keep pace with their growth agenda and fulfill on their commitment and reputation for excellence. 



Using compression planning and process design sessions, MR&A worked with the team to develop:

  • A Customer Service Team mission and vision that provide clarity of purpose and the true north for guiding the team and setting priorities

  • A prioritized “heatmap” of processes and identification of top improvement and efficiency opportunities 

  • An organizational model with defined roles and responsibilities for future scalability and sustainability 

  • Updated onboarding and training plans for the customer service team 

  • Communications and implementation plans to ensure alignment and adoption across all internal and external stakeholder



  • A robust onboarding process that has been replicated across the company and improves new hire time to productivity and reduces turnover 

  • Updated training materials for current and future employees 

  • Scorecard and operating rhythm in place … everyone knows what is expected of them 

  • Huddles are used to facilitate communication and alignment 

  • A reduction of paper and hours required to move, store and maintain documentation 

  • Leaders and individuals placed in new roles with updated job descriptions and clear roles and responsibilities

  • Implemented a workforce planning template to provide data driven forecasting for peak and off season staffing

  • Perfect Order Metric established and shared company wide, resulting in improved customer service performance

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