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Our Results

"MR&A provided clarity of thought and expertise in the areas of strategy, project management and execution. Additionally, working with MR&A is a delight!"

Director, Sales Enablement

Telecommunications and Network Service Provider



Business Process Improvement and Transformation Project that included stabilization, short term (quick win) and longer term initiatives that improved efficiency, reduced costs and increased velocity.


During a leader’s leave of absence, provided overall leadership of the project team, including priority setting, resource allocation and routine monitoring of progress against team and project milestones.



Provided process engineering, facilitation and project leadership in the Quote to Cash, Sales and Demand to Delivery functions:

  • Led process initiatives and mapping, both for the ‘as is’ processes, as well as the optimum, desired state’ across all areas of the organization

  • Created a roadmap of short and long term steps focused on allowing our client to do more with less without impairing the effectiveness and profitability of the business

  • Ensured the Solutions Roadmap was aligned with the organization’s change management appetite



  • Documented over 100 processes and created a process library that served as the foundation for training and process improvement initiatives

  • In the pricing process, reduced non-value transactions by 50%

  • Provided coordination of process definition and technical design to prepare for new clients and purchase orders in the Latin America Region 

  • Facilitated workshops to align team on roles and responsibilities and established operating rhythm and cadence to maximize team performance and productivity

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