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Our Results

Non-Profit Organization Specializing in Social Impact Investment



As social impact investing emerges as a distinct asset class, the organization wanted to leverage its core competencies to take advantage of the growth opportunities and expand its impact.  



A phased approach from Discovery to Implementation, with high employee involvement and the following deliverables:

  • “As-is” process flows and gap analysis for multiple processes within the Finance and Accounting functions

  • “To-be” process flows and supporting change management plans with an emphasis on controls, accuracy and productivity 

  • Creation of a process network and champion guide to ensure a successful transition 

  • Development of a toolbox for independently conducting process improvement activities in the future

  • Metrics Dashboard to monitor progress to established targets 



  • A set of well defined and documented processes resulting in:

    • Greater quality and efficiency

    • Rigorous internal controls and segregation of duties

    • An enhanced the customer experience

  • Process champions equipped and empowered as change leaders going forward to sustain the momentum and achieve benefits

  • Clearly defined roles & responsibilities within and across departments eliminated duplicate effort and streamlined communications

  • Team members found their voice and their confidence to drive change 

  • Leveraged technology to eliminate paper, duplication of documents and streamline approvals

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