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Annie Baymiller


  • Project Leadership

  • Planning & Execution

  • Process Design & Optimization

  • Organizational Change Management



  • Family & Friends

  • Traveling and exploring

  • Music

  • Trying new restaurants

  • Constantly trying and learning new things


Listening to:

  • All things Billy Joel, Greg Laswell, The Head and the Heart, Mumford &  Sons, Brandi Carlile, David Gray, Sara Bareilles, Dave Mathews Band...and on and on....

High energy, efficient and intuitive - whatever the adventure or challenge, Annie is up for it. And it isn’t just the finish line that she loves but also the journey. Annie thrives on working with people to brainstorm ideas, design rock-solid plans, and ensure a smooth implementation.  Her knack for keeping the blood pressure low and the openness and energy high in the room is key to guiding a group through any challenge and whatever obstacles may arise. Leading many successful, large-scale technology and change initiatives, Annie has proven she is able to drive change and get optimal results with and through others. Whether at work or at play, Annie brings an endless amount of fun and energy that is infectious to those around her.

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